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Electric Water Heater

​Electric tank water heaters are typically used when there are no gas or exhaust options available. These heaters use a heating element to raise the temperature of the water. Although the technology is always getting better, they still tend to lack efficiency when it comes to the hot water recovery. These units require a 220v power source to provide heat. Without needing exhaust, they may be your only option under certain circumstances. Electric heaters have minimal parts and when installed properly, they can be easily serviced.

Power Vented Water Heater

This water heater is similar to your conventional tank heater, but uses a blower to recycle the heat from the exhaust to achieve higher efficiency. This heater has a moderate amount of moving parts and requires an electrical outlet to operate. The exhaust piping is typically plastic and has many venting options to accommodate both new and older homes.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water. This tank should not be mistaken with instant hot water, which is a completely different kind of install. Under the right circumstances, this water heater can be very efficient.  Tank less heaters have many electronics and moving parts along with a heat exchanger to create constant hot water. This particular heater works in a way that it doesn’t need to have gas consistently feeding to the heater, but rather only uses the gas when the hot water is in use. This heater also requires regular maintenance. Depending on the water quality of the area where you live, you would have to decalcify the heat exchanger every 3-6 months. The exhausts for these heaters are plastic or aluminum, which is not typically something that you can incorporate into the existing pipes of your home. It would require an additional step to the installation process. Tankless heaters are smaller and can be installed inside or outdoors, giving you more options when choosing where to place them.

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Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Conventional Water Heater

This is your basic tank water heater with minimal efficiency, but in the future, it will have fewer parts that will create problems down the road. Only gas will be hooked up during installation, meaning that you would still have hot water during a power outage.  This heater requires metal exhaust piping which is typical and already pre-existing in older homes.

Desired Plumbing, Inc. knows the importance of energy efficiency and durability when it comes to water heaters. We only use high-grade tank and tank less water heaters that we have grown to trust over the years. As water heater technology changes, we keep in mind what matters to our clients when choosing a water heater. That includes warranty, performance, efficiency and reliability. Listed below are the different style heaters we would recommend.