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  • Scheduled Maintenance

Radiant Heating

Desired Plumbing, Inc. is ready to provide you with expert service for all your radiant heating needs. If you are not familiar with radiant heat (hydronics), we can fill you in on some of basics. A radiant heating system consists of a series of copper and or plastic tubes running thru the floors, walls or radiators. With the use of water pumps, water circulates from a boiler (water heater), through the series of tubes which than expel the heat to the floor or radiator. This process continues until the thermostat measures the desired room temperature.

If you are considering a new radiant heat system, there are many different styles to accommodate all types of budgets. For example, you could have a system controlled by one single thermostat for the whole home, or with a bigger budget, you can have a radiant heat system giving you full control of the temperature in every room of the home. In addition to heating your home, you can also configure a radiant system to heat the water for your home.  Something to keep in mind when deciding between a radiant heating system and forced air: radiant heat systems do not blow dust around, they are very efficient and can provide you with total control when heating your home. All of this comfort does come at a cost, and as the result of a complex heating system, materials and labor can add up quickly; therefore, it is important to have a plumbing company you trust to install a proper system that is right for you.  With a set of blueprints, we can fully design a system to maximize heating your home and keep it within your budget. For more information about radiant heating systems, please give us a call.

Maintenance, Repair and Services
If you have a pre-existing radiant heating system that needs service and maintenance, we have you covered.  All hydronic systems are unique, therefore, it is important that your plumber is knowledgeable and experienced to properly diagnose and pin point the source a problem. Desired Plumbing, Inc. also provides a scheduled maintenance service that will keep your system fined tuned, running, as it should. Some of the radiant heating maintenance and repair services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

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