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Underground Construction

Underground plumbing typically involves the installation of water, gas, and sewer piping underground to their proper locations. Underground plumbing is a critical phase that must be done properly to ensure the safety of the occupants and to prevent costly delays. We spend the extra time ensuring your plumbing is in the right location and that materials are installed per manufacturer specifications to meet the requirements of local plumbing code.

Finish Plumbing

Also known as a trim out. This is the final stage to a new construction project. This is where all the hard work and planning counts the most. We install all plumbing fixtures with care and precision to last the test of time. After the project is completed, we want our customers to know where to find and safely shut off all utilities in an emergency. We can also schedule any necessary future maintenance required and answer any questions about the proper care of your plumbing systems. Now it's time to enjoy your home; let us worry about the rest.


The planning phase of construction is very important to a successful build and we believe that the plumber should always be available for input on technical plumbing issues when planning a new construction project. This advice if needed can help prevent future delays or unforeseen costs.


​When choosing materials for a new construction project, we offer nothing but the best and never settle for less. The materials we use are UPC approved all plumbing systems and depending on local code requirements; we can substitute certain materials to lower the cost while maintaining quality. If you purchase your fixtures through us, we will take care of any defect and warranty issues.

Our new construction services will provide you with the reliable and complete plumbing you desire from start to finish. New construction is a big investment involving budgets, timelines, and custom designs and we know a successful build starts and ends with communication. We put the love into our work, the quality shows in the final product but the real magic happens in the walls and under the floors.

Inspectors in the construction industry can overlook a lot of improper plumbing. You need a plumbing company that knows the proper installation methods for all aspects of the job and that always triple-checks their work.

Desired Plumbing, Inc. will do our best to keep your project on time and within budget while providing you with any guidance you need to start enjoying your dream home. We will put together a list of the major phases of a new construction build and how we are involved to keep you informed throughout the process.

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New Construction

Rough Plumbing

The rough plumbing stage of new construction involves the installation of all the different plumbing systems (gas, water, waste and vent) into the floors, walls and ceiling. Rough plumbing is typically the longest phase of a new construction project and we use this time wisely, as the rough plumbing reflects on the function and appearance of the final product. During this phase, there will be lots of cutting, drilling and nailing etc. It will get messy! Do not worry we clean up after ourselves because "a clean site is a happy site."