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Neil Thorpe, The President and Owner of Desired Plumbing, Inc., has lived in Marin County for twenty-one years. In 2001, Neil graduated from Novato High School and started attending the Academy of Arts College where he studied automotive design. He has always enjoyed doing "hands on" work and started looking for a part time job.  This led him to the perfect opportunity to get the chance to do hands on work and started working with a local plumbing company.

He started his career with an elite plumbing company as an apprentice. He was very interested in being able to put pipes together and see the finished product. His apprenticeships quickly lead him to a journeymen position. Neil has always strived to be a better plumber and always takes pride in his work, and it shows. During his career, he continued to challenge himself to learn every aspect of the trade. To this day, he loves the challenge of putting together projects and being able to keep the customer happy with their design. Keeping the customer happy makes him happy. He will always go the extra mile to meet and discuss with the customer the different options they have. He takes the time to listen and communicates from start to finish. He knows that even the smallest detail can make or break a design. Neil is known for "caring" beyond just plumbing.

Neil continued to work with the same company for 11 yrs but with the birth of identical twin boys, Neil was given the separation needed from his employer to start Desired Plumbing, Inc. The name Desired was an easy choice as it represents Neil's daughter Desiree (which means to desire in French), who always believed her dad could start this business.

Neil believes educating his employees beyond the workday is what sets Desired Plumbing, Inc. apart from the rest. We take our education serious as it benefits our company and clients, but it also paves the way for the future plumbers in the industry.

Desired Plumbing, Inc. stands behind our work 100% and continues to thrive on the satisfaction clients feel when the job's done right. Give Desired Plumbing, Inc. a call and allow us the pleasure to show you we truly care!

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"With the desire to plumb, we get the jobs done."

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